Course Description

The Ultimate Music Video Training Program

Have you been dreaming about creating your own music videos but don't know where to start? 

Are you a creative entrepreneur who wants something that's different from all the other videos out there? Something that will give you a point of difference to make you STAND OUT?

Which of these apply to you?

  • You want to be a music video director, or
  • You're a band wanting to save money and create your music videos, or
  • You're in business and want to create a standout music video style promo for your business.

Which ever it is, this program is for you.

You will save money, make more income and learn all the fast-track secrets for creating cool videos.

In this course, I'll share all the tips and tricks I've learned from over 20 years of being a director. You'll learn everything from the basics all the way to the advanced strategies I've never shared with anyone!

Things you will learn:

How to think like a director, budgeting, dealing with record companies, how to grow your audience, making your video, crew, shooting, effects, editing, marketing and much, much more.

Being a music video director is a privilege. It is an honor to turn a song into a visual story to capture the imagination of an audience. You can make a break a song by having a great video clip.

It all starts by tapping into your creativity and when you execute an idea you had on the screen. There is no better feeling in the world. Seeing your vision come to life on the screen is what this is about.

Save yourself hours and hours of time. Learn from the hard lessons I had to learn. I have made lots of mistakes in 20 years, and I love that I keep learning and growing in this field. You are going to love this training as my mistakes will be your gold

Once you have finished the program, I would love to see your work, and you never know we may even have a project I can give you as we are always looking for amazing people.

Online Training 

Stream and download at any time. You have access to all content anytime you have an internet connection or open your downloaded files.

Learn From An Expert 

Over 20 years of knowledge and experience to share with you

Learn At Your Own Pace

Learn at your own pace and unlimited lifetime access to all course content. Fast track your knowledge.


"As someone who has done 3 different [University] film courses, I can honestly say GD offer some of the most amazing training on the planet for Music Video Production, Camera Confidence, Video Marketing and more."

Tess Brosnan - Documentary Filmmaker

Music Video Director and Mentor

Rachel Dunn

Rachel has been directing, producing and creating music videos for over 20 years.She has owned her own successful production company in Sydney and worked with some of Australia's biggest recording artists. Through her career, she has been nominated for many awards.She and her partner, Michael, teach, mentor and coach women all over the world in How To Use Video To Grow Their Businesses, as well as teach women how to create their own video production businesses.Rachel is also a co-founder of Symphony Of The Earth with Oscar and Emmy Award winner, Dr Jim Frazier. The film is in early pre-production and is one of the most ambitious music film projects ever attempted.In this training program, Rachel shares all of her secrets to fast-track your learning. If you are someone wanting to break into the industry or a band wanting to make a video or a business wanting to create edgy videos with a minimal budget, then this program is targeted at YOU.Rachel says, "I wish all of these tools and teaching were available to me when I started all those years ago."

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Letter

    • Welcome Video

    • Welcome Transcript

  • 2

    1. Mindset Is Everything

    • Mindset - Video

    • Mindset Is Everything!

    • Mindset Of A Director - Transcript

  • 3

    2. How To Get Video Ideas

    • How To Get Ideas Master - Video

    • Worksheet - Idea Development

    • How To Get Ideas - Transcript


  • 4

    3. Turning Your Ideas Into Reality

    • Turning Your Ideas Into Reality - Video

    • Write Your Treatment - Video

    • Storyboarding - Video

    • Finding Your Crew - Video

    • Turning Your Ideas Into Reality - Transcript

    • Storyboard Template

  • 5

    4. Budgeting

    • Budgeting - Video

    • Budgeting - Transcript

    • Music Video Production Calculator Template

    • A Word On Pricing And What To Charge

  • 6

    5. How To Shoot Your Video

    • Shooting Your Video - Video

    • Locations - Video

    • Call Sheet - Video

    • Shooting Your Video - Transcript

    • Call Sheet Template

  • 7

    6. Editing Your Video

    • Editing - Video

    • Editing Your Video - Transcript

  • 8

    7. Grading And Effects

    • Grading And Effects - Video

    • Grading And Effects - Transcript

  • 9

    8. Delivery

    • Delivery - Video

    • Delivery - Transcript

  • 10

    9. How To Build An Audience

    • Build Your Audience - Video

    • How To Build An Audience - Transcript

  • 11

    10. How To Make It As A Music Video Director

    • How To Make It As A Music Video Director - Video

    • How To Make It As A Music Video Director - Transcript

    • Certificate Of Completion